Startling Discovery at Prominent Clothes Store in Montego Bay

Latest Jamaica News [ Mckoy’s News ] Startling Discovery at Prominent Clothes Store – A very popular businesswoman in Montego Bay was very surprised when she discovered a vial of oil and a sheet of paper with detailed instructions on how to use the contents of the bottle written in red ink at her store. The proprietor of the store was in the process of giving away her refrigerator to a friend and asked one of her employees to clean the defrosted equipment when the articles were discovered.

“Lately I realized that I can’t stay at my store as before and every time I come to the store I become sick”.”I was thinking of selling out my business and run away.” said the distraught businesswoman when interviewed by McKoy’s News.

A glimpse of the items found revealed a verse from a psalm as well as instructions that read;   ”write your boss’s name on a candle nine times”. “get eggs and cucumber, call your boss’s name ,use ‘run away powder ‘ under the boss’s desk all written on parchment paper. One woman present at the store at the time was able to identify the handwriting and mentioned that the person who wrote the article is a spiritual worker /mother-woman that she visits regularly.

The businesswoman has concluded that the act was done by a former worker she had left in charge of her business when she took time off from her business to pursue studies and that the worker  was quite jealous of her, wanting to take over her business, having  a grudge and had recently approached her on more than one occasion wanting her job back but was blatantly turned down . The businesswoman also concluded that God was defending her which led to the discovery as she considers herself to be very generous; having helped several persons in need who still depend on her.

Mckoy’s News has also decided not to divulge some aspects of the situation which could negatively impact persons if people were to act on the details of the instructions.




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