Starface Wants To Collab With Nicki Minaj, Drops Video For ‘Let Them Grow’

Dancehall artiste Starface shared that one of her goals right now is to find the right chemistry through collaboration to help take her career to the next level.

She believes that Nicki Minaj may be the right fit for her.

“I would definitely want a collab with Nicki Minaj, mi no know why, but mi just rate her, her fashion sense, her business skills, her boldness, her sexiness, and the fact say she has a Trinidadian background and loves dancehall music. Ah Nicki Minaj mi say!” she told the Jamaica Observer in an interview.

She also shared that she believes that it is a tough time in dancehall for female artistes as they always have to stay one step ahead.

“It’s very hard for females. We have to work twice as hard and pray. Most of the producer, if them fi give you a riddim, them want look you, and if you don’t interested, them bun bad light fi you and ‘shelf up’ your song.”

Starface, whose real name is Nadesha Edwards, also spoke with the Observer about how she dealt with the COVID-19 lockdown in Jamaica which has been trying for the dancehall artiste.  She revealed she’s still holding strong and is also dreaming of making a more significant impact on the genre.

Star added that she used the extra time she had during the quarantine period to hone her craft and to add some new songs to her repertoire. “I use the extra time to rebuild and practice my craft by writing different kinds of songs and sharpening up my vocal skills. One of those kinds of songs is Let Them Grow, a song about child sexual abuse.”

The official video for Let Them Grow, directed by Shot N Stunning, was released yesterday.

The So What singer did admit that things have been slow for her since COVID-19 caused an economic downturn. “As an artiste, we rely heavily on live shows, dubs, and jingles to get paid so it ah affect me negatively, that’s what I use to feed my family, and because of the COVID-19, I have to stay home so everything just get slow up.

This is a scary time for all entertainers, and this is an invisible, contagious disease so I feel that no large events should be allowed to go on until September or so. But dem can mek the go go clubs and small dance dem come back by the end of August, and based pon how that go, dem can start keep back live concerts in September.”

She ended the interview by sharing what she would have been doing if she had not jumped into the dancehall game. “If I wasn’t an artiste, I would be doing acting. You nuh see me name, Starface? This face was made to be up on the stage…in lights… straight acting, live plays, modelling or even a TV drama or reality show.”


Source: Dancehallmag

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