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Policeman Shoots Uncle Dead, Residents say in Battle Over Land

St. Mary, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Policeman Shoots Uncle Dead- a police officer is now in being questioned in the shooting death of a man known as his uncle in St. Mary, on Saturday morning, May 27, in the Bailey’s Vale community.

Shot dead is John Anthony Davis, otherwise called “Farrow,” 48-year-old of Bailey’s Vale, St. Mary.

Police reports are that the policeman, who is also a licensed firearm holder and his uncle were locked in a confrontation around 6 am on Saturday, when Davis allegedly attacked the police officer with a knife, the cop reportedly shot Davis in self-defense.

The Police Corporate Communication Unit (CCU), in a statement relayed that the officer has since been placed on temporary leave, and is scheduled to meet with the police force Chaplain. The release also states that Members of the Community Safety and Security Branch have been dispatched to meet with the family members.

Investigations into the matter is ongoing by the Inspectorate of the Constabulary (IOC).

Other news reports have stated that residents confirm that the “uncle” and the policeman were engaged in a longstanding battle over land and property, which even the other policemen tried to mediate without success.

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