St Lucian Smuggling Cocaine on Cruise Ship in Falmouth Fined $700,000

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Jamaican News, February 4, 2018

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) –  St Lucian Smuggling Cocaine: a St Lucian Man who was caught attempting to smuggle cocaine on to a Norwegian Escape cruise ship that was docked in Falmouth, Jamaica two weeks ago was fined of  JMD$700,000 for breach of Dangerous Drug Act.

Twenty-four-year-old Akim Travis Davis took a guilty plea in exchange for a fine of JMD$700,000 or 11 months in prison.

Davis pled guilty to possession of cocaine, taking steps to export cocaine and dealing in cocaine charges when he appeared in the Falmouth Parish court.

Reportedly at about 3:30 pm on Monday, January 15, Davis, who was a working as a crew member on the Norwegian Escape cruise ship that was docked at the Falmouth Cruise Port, in the parish of Trelawny, exited the ship for a while and was about to re-enter the when security personnel at the security check-point carried out a routine search on him.

He was found to be smuggling cocaine unto the cruise ship.

Akim Travis Davis was turned over to Jamaican Narcotics Police, who later arrested and charged him.

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