St James State of Emergency:

St James Welcomes Joint Major Operations

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, January 18, 2018

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – St James Welcomes Joint Major Operations: Following Thursday morning’s launch of several Joint Major Operations across the parish of St James, several residents have now come out openly and endorsed the move on the hand of the special forces.

Our news team caught up with several commuters who related that, despite the operations resulted in them being a little late for work, they still welcome the idea of the operation.

A number of taxi operators stated that they are very pleased to see the presence of police and JDF soldiers on the streets of the city because the area was being overrun by criminals and criminal elements.

Some residents stated that over recent weeks, several brazen murders and shootings have taken place across the parish and they support the joint military in their move to flush out these criminals and bringing them to Justice.

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