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Police Seek Public Assistance in Capturing 17 St James Wanted Men

Jamacia News, January 26, 2018

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – St James Wanted Men: the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Defence Force have stepped up the search for some of St James’ most dangerous criminals with an online viral campaign seeking public assistance. The seventeen men are wanted in connection with gang activities and other crimes including multiple murders, wounding and shooting with intent and rape.

According to Inspector Dian Bartley of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, “These criminals are ruthless, dangerous and brazen and show blatant disregard for human life, law and order and the security forces. Persons who either protect them or turn a blind eye to their activities put themselves and their loved ones at risk as the inter and intra-gang violence often claim innocent lives”.

St James Wanted Men: as part of the security operations under the Public State of Emergency currently in effect in St James, there is an online campaign utilizing the twitter and facebook pages, and This initiative by the security forces is geared towards gaining information to assist with the dismantling of gangs and the reduction of crime in St James.

“Without the public support and the information it generates, it is difficult for the security forces to effectively plan and execute operations,” added Bartley. “We are appealing to the citizens of St James and by extension, across Jamaica, to help us ferret out these murderers as part of our efforts to take back St. James”.

St James Wanted Men: Bartley says, “The security forces’ Tip HotLine, which is manned by JDF soldiers on a 24-hour basis, is secure and confidential and there is no reason to identify yourself or give your name when you call.” The Tip Hotline can be reached at 837-8888 or via email at Persons can also call Crime Stop at 311.

The names of the 17 wanted men are listed below. Images of these persons can also be found at and

  1. Nico Samuels o/c Bowza
    Wanted for triple murder

  2. Shaneil Lutan
    Wanted for escaping lawful custody, convicted of murder (2 counts) and illegal possession of

  3. Kirk Stevens o/c Chatan o/c Willi Wanker o/c Wanker
    Wanted for double murder

  4. Oran Dunn o/c Mike
    Wanted for double murder

  5. Christopher Boyd o/c Plank
    Wanted for double murder

  6. Delano Wilmott o/c Lano o/c Prekeh Bwoy
    Wanted for murder

  7. Arnold Gayle o/c Guy
    Wanted for Murder

  8. Kerlando Wallace o/c Kirk o/c Kirky
    Wanted for Murder

  9. Sanjae Hodari Nelson o/c Odari
    Wanted for Murder

  10. Travis Rasheen Myrie o/c YC
    Wanted for wounding with intent, shooting with intent

  11. Jevaughn Campbell o/c Jeff o/c cooking oil
    Wanted for wounding with intent, shooting with intent

  12. Lennox McLeod o/c Rus Eye
    Wanted for wounding with intent, shooting with intent

  13. Albert Anthony Samuels o/c Kevin Samuels o/c Kevin Taylor, o/c Gunnas, o/c Onison
    Wanted for wounding with intent

  14. Daniel Gray o/c Danny o/c Ten Floor
    Wanted for wounding with intent

  15. Ryan Peterkin o/c Ratty
    Wanted for wounding with intent

  16. Donald Anthony Reid o/c John
    Wanted for rape and buggery

  17. Davion Reid
    Wanted for Rape

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