St. James Most Wanted Gunman Shot and Killed in a Shootout with Police

St. James, Jamaica( McN) – Police has shot and killed one of Western Jamaica’s alleged most notorious gang member. This follows a shootout with police and members of this same gang which left six (6) alleged members dead earlier this month.

Alleged St. James Gunman, Ricardo Samuels, otherwise called ” Bad Boy” was fatally shot by police in Old Harbor on Monday.

Samuels who was an alleged member of the dismantled “Ski Mask” gang which operated from the Barrett Town area of St. James was wanted in connection with a string of murders, robberies, and shootings in the Western Jamaica.


The alleged accused was one of the men posted on the St. James most wanted list, in the first week of January 2017.

Samuels was repeatedly shot when he challenged the St. Catherine police in a shoot out in the Old Habour policing area on Monday afternoon.

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