St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- ST JAMES SHOPKEEPER CHARGED FOR ILLEGAL FIREARM: A 39 years old shopkeeper is now facing charges of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition after he was caught in possession of the weapon on Friday night at a shop which he operates in Content District St. James.He has been identified as Claude Lloyd also of Content District in.

Reports by the Adelphi police are that. About11:15 pm on Friday a team of officers were carrying out patrols in
Content District. On approaching a shop which is said to be operated by Lloyd the police noticed him throwing an object underneath the
board structure.

A search was carried out and the object retrieved. The object was discovered to be a Springfield XD Compact Pistol serial number XD418424 which contained six 40 cartridges. The accused shopkeeper was taken into custody and subsequently charged with illegal possession of firearm and

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