St. James Residents Urged to Pay Attention to Disaster Bulletins

Jamaica News: Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for St. James, Tamoy Sinclair, is encouraging citizens to pay close attention to disaster bulletins.

Ms. Sinclair, who was addressing a community meeting at the Bethephil Baptist Church in Chatham on Sunday (June 30), said that the advisories are instrumental in helping persons prepare for natural disasters.

“There are three types of advisories that are issued – the bulletin, the warning and the watch. The most critical information that is provided is the bulletin, but this is what persons oftentimes do not pay attention to because most persons are waiting until the very last minute when they know it is serious,” she pointed out.

“But the bulletin is actually very key and it helps you, the individual and the community to better prepare. The bulletin about a tropical cyclone will inform you about the size, the magnitude, how wide it is. It will also indicate the wind speed and how much rainfall is accompanying the cyclone; it also tells you how fast or how slow it is going,” she underscored.

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Ms. Sinclair said that it is often too late when persons wait on a watch or warning to start making preparations for themselves and their families.

She noted that a watch means that a disaster is likely to affect the island within three days, while a warning means that a natural disaster is a certainty.

Ms. Sinclair said that in preparing for a natural disaster, persons should ensure that they have at least three days’ supply of food and water.

She advised that persons can cut food costs by roasting breadfruit instead of buying breads, bullas and biscuits, or preparing fish using the escoveitch method, which will ensure that it lasts longer.

The community meeting, organised by the St. James Municipal Corporation, provided an opportunity for residents and business interests in the Somerton and Rosehall Divisions to speak with their Councillors as well as representatives from government and private-sector entities.

Among the agencies represented were Western Parks and Markets (WPM) Waste Management, Social Development Commission (SDC), Jamaica Public Service (JPS), Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), St. James Health Department, and Jamaica Red Cross.


Source: JIS News


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