St. James Residents Urged to Develop Family Disaster Plan

Jamaica News: Emergency Services Coordinator at the Jamaica Red Cross, St. James branch, Neil Barrett, is urging residents to develop a family disaster plan in case of natural disaster and other emergencies.

Mr. Barrett, who was speaking at a recent community meeting at the Bethephil Baptist Church in Chatham, said that a disaster plan is necessary, as it helps families to function in an organised manner.

He said that the plan is simple and should include the contact information for emergency agencies, such as the police and fire service, and the family doctor.

It should incorporate a proper home exit strategy, including the location of keys for doors and grills, and children taught how to open the doors and make their way outside.

Mr. Barrett said that persons should also know how to access and operate the circuit breaker panel.

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“Many of you live inside your house and have no idea what controls what. The electric stove that you use is controlled by a particular breaker; which is it?” he asked.

He said that in the case of gas-operated stoves persons should also know where to locate the valve that turns the gas on and off.

Meanwhile, Mr. Barrett is imploring residents to consult with the municipal corporation before building a house, as not all areas are safe for construction.

The community meeting, organised by the St. James Municipal Corporation, provided an opportunity for residents and business interests in the Somerton and Rosehall Divisions to speak with their councillors as well as representatives from government and private-sector entities.


Source: JIS News

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