The St. James Public Health Department on Tuesday, October 23rd, clamped down on another Chinese operated a business establishment in the parish, and charged the owner for Breaches of the Health Authority act.

The accused businessman Jack Lyn, who owns and operates the Lyn’s Wholesale in Anchovy square, was charged under the Nuisance Regulation and can be fined up to $1 million.

Lennox Wallace, the Chief Public Health Inspector for the parish of St James, told our news team that, as part of a drive to ensure that residents are being sold palatable food, officers attached to the Health Department carried out an operation at Lyn’s Wholesale in Anchovy.

According to Wallace, after carrying out a search of the establishment, they detected a number of irregularities which includes, spoil and damaged food, damaged food palates, live and dead Cockroach seeds, pest infestation, among other breached.

The business was immediately ordered closed, and a notice also served to the Anchovy Police, to ensure that the establishment remains closed.

This is the second such operation carried out in the parish since the start of the week, which have led to the closure of a Chinese operated business, and the prosecution of the owner.

On Monday morning, Tjie Chow, was also prosecuted under the food handling regulation, after his business place located at the Charles Gordon Market circle, were found to be in serious breach of the Health act.

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