St James Policeman Caught Red-Handed!

JAMAICA NEWS, FEBRUARY 18, 2018 – St James Policeman Caught

A St James policeman thought he was clever while he stole one of the seized motorbikes in a St James police station pound and made custom changes to it, then started riding it to work!

Police Constable Jhanoye Johnson, pleaded guilty to larceny of the motorcycle after, he was arrested and charged with the theft of the motorbike when a sergeant at the Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay found that a motorcycle which was seized earlier in 2017, was missing from the station.

Mckoy’s News understands that Johnson allegedly removed one of the motorcycles which were seized during police operations and impounded at the station, then customized it and started using it as his vehicle.

Johnson was then questioned by the sergeant about his suspiciously “new motorcycle” which resembles the one missing from the station.

St James Policeman Caught: An investigation was immediately launched by the crime unit, which lead to the arrest of the police constable after he allegedly confessed to police detectives that he stole the motorbike from the police station and modified it.

He pleaded guilty to larceny charges when he appeared in the St James Parish Court on Wednesday, February 7.


Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, in the St James Parish Court.


Unrelated Mckoy’s News file Photo of officers outside the Barnet Street Police Station in St James

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