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Jdf Army Colonel Says St James Murders Close to Civil War Level

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Jamaica News, March 13, 2018 – St James Murders Close to Civil War Level                                

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) –  Jamaica Defence Force Colonel and Army Staff Operations Officer, Daniel George Pryce, reported that based on the number of murders which took place in the parish of St James in the year 2017, the parish is almost at a Civil war murder rate.

According to Colonel Pryce, at the end of 2017, a total of 335 murders were recorded.  This he says is the largest ever in any police division to take place in our history.

The Colonel stated that the second highest murders recorded in Jamaica was in the parish of Clarendon and it was only half of the figure recorded in St James.

According to Colonel Pryce, along with the 335 murders, a total of 352 shootings took place across the parish of St James and this could have easily carry the total to over 500 murders for the period.  He added that this year 2018,  there has been a total of 15 murders recorded since the start of the year.

Since the Start of the State of Emergency on February 18, a total of seven murders have been recorded and at this same time in 2017 we were way ahead on 38 murders. Colonel Pryce also stated that,  last year figure was 67 murders more than what was recorded in 2016.

The Colonel was speaking at the Prayer Breakfast held at the Wexford  Court Hotel in Montego Bay on Monday, March 12.  The Prayer Breakfast was held in the wake of a spiritual event which is set to come to St James over the next few days.

The event which is dubbed “Supernatural Encounter Jamaica”  is being held by the Trumpet Call Ministries and the St James Ministers Fraternal.

It was well attended by representatives from several ministries across Jamaica and overseas.  Also, in attendance were  His Worship Homer Davis, Mayor of Montego Bay, Custos of St James, Conrad Pitkin and Reverend Al Miller.

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