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St. James Motorcycle Sales Clerk Shot by Motorcyclist

News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

St. James, Jamaica (McN) – Motorcycle Sales Clerk Shot: the Adelphi police in St James are now combing sections of the parish in search of two men who they say are behind Tuesday night’s shooting of motorcycle sales clerk.

The 21 years old clerk who hails from Chatham district, also in St James, is now at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in serious condition.

Mckoy’s News reporter learnt that about 11:00 pm on Tuesday, April 11 the victim was riding his motorcycle along the Orange main road.

Minutes later two men travelling on another motorcycle pulled up along him and the person on the pillion, brandished a handgun and fired several at him.

The sales clerk received gunshot wounds to his upper body and immediately lost control of the motorcycle which crashed into an embankment.

The gunmen then rode away and the wounded man was assisted to the hospital by passing motorists

He was admitted in serious condition.

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