St James High Soaring Towards Better Living with CSEC Passes

Latest Jamaica News, St James: St James High Soaring (McKoy’s News): St James High in Montego Bay has reported an overall average 80% pass rate in the recent Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. Information technology, Social Studies and English A (Language) received the highest percentage passes.

Information technology had a 100% pass rate. Two hundred and thirty-five (235) students sat the Information Technology examination.

English Language had a 90% pass rate. The ten percent who failed English all received a grade 4, which is the highest failing grade for CSEC. Social Studies also saw significant passes.

Principal of the school Mr. Joseph Williams credits this year’s high pass percentage to the new policies that were implemented by his administration, along with cooperative teachers. Mr. Williams says one of the policies was that no internal assessment below eighty percent (80%) was accepted by students. He believes this contributed greatly to the students’ overall performance in the external examinations.

Mr. Williams applauds the teachers of information technology who he says have been doing an amazing job for the past three years. He says two information technology teachers have been sending at least two hundred (200) students to sit the CSEC exams for the past three years, and the percentage passes have always been above 90%.

In addition to regular classes, teachers in all subject areas at St. James High conduct extra lessons and workshops free of cost for their students.

Outgoing head girl of St. James High Cyoney Edwards says the school has taught her how to be a better human being overall. She says “The institution has taught me to be an effective leader and to work assiduously to achieve my goals.” She recommends St. James High to students who want to become exceptional members of society. This year Cyoney was awarded nine CSEC subjects with six in grade one (1). She credits her success to the dedication of her teachers at St James High, her family, and the prayers of the Flower Hill Bible Way Church.

Though a few students with high averages at the primary level are placed at St. James high in grade 7, majority of the school’s grade 7 intake are students with lower than average percentage passes coming from the primary level of education. The CSEC passes show the extent of the work the teachers and students put in to strive towards better living, as the school’s slogan teaches.


Writer: Donikue Campbell

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