St. James Health Department Bolstering Mosquito Control Programme

Jamaica News: The St. James Health Department has bolstered its mosquito control programme by recruiting additional personnel to carry out activities across the parish.

Chief Public Health Inspector for St. James, Lennox Wallace, told JIS that 64 aides have been employed to assist the core team of 11 vector control officers.

This, he pointed out, now enables the Department to execute programmed activities more widely and quickly across St. James, adding that they are better able to “effectively disrupt the cycle of the mosquitoes”.

This is a key boost to the programme, the second phase of which commenced in July and runs until December.

Another, Mr. Wallace informed, will be the ramping up of activities with the commencement of night operations, come September.

He indicated that the team, which will be involved in this engagement, has been prepared and is raring to go.

Mr. Wallace explained that the group will be ensuring that business establishments, in particular, are fulfilling public health requirements and stipulations by several other entities including the National Water Commission (NWC), and National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).

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The Health Inspector said programmed activities already being carried out have yielded positive outcomes, resulting in reduced complaints from residents in communities, once besieged by mosquitoes.

Mr. Wallace said further success programme is anticipated in light of, among other things, sustained support being provided by the St. James Municipal Corporation, and other agencies.

Additionally, he said the rodent control programme is expected to yield positive outcomes, based on the extent of support also being provided.

“We are working as a community to rid [Montego Bay] of the scourge of infestation. [Therefore] we are asking for patience from our residents,” Mr. Wallace urged.


Source: JIS News

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