Chief Public Health Inspector for St. James, Lennox Wallace lauds the St. James Municipal Corporation for the support that was given by them towards the Labor Day activities at the St. James, Type  5 Health Clinic in Montego Bay on May 23rd.

Mr. Wallace stated that the various teams came out and did their best in the renovating of the entire clinic and even the outside.

The Municipal Corporation representatives from the Road and Works Department joined forces with members of the Jamaica Defense Force’s soldiers in constructing a Ramp for the disabled an extension of the parking lot and driveway.

The Public Health Inspector stated that starting tomorrow, he is sure that the staff members of the clinic will feel much more relaxed and comfortable in their newly renovated home.

By: Henry Buckner

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  1. Mr Wallace Is the head of the medical health center in Montego Bay known as typhi Mr Wallace hired my tent for the covid-19 vaccination program they’re having from the second of August (8-2-2021)
    To the 29th of August (8-29-2021) today is the 18th of September and I still haven’t got paid Mr Wallace blocked me from calling his phone So I can find out what’s going on with my money right now and that’s how some of those so call governments operate so I feel this lady pain. governments! They get the money to pay but I feel like especially Mr Wallace he’s trying to keep the money for himself that’s all I can say if not I would have been paid already I can’t see no other reason why, the money was given to them to run the operation. They pay who they have to pay( big business man) a small businessman like me have to run around the whole city trying to find him to get the money that he owes me

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