St James Chief Public Health Inspector Calling On Residents to Assist in Destroying Mosquito Breeding Sites

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): Destroying Mosquito Breeding Sites Chief Public Health Inspector at the St James Public Health Department, in Montego Bay, St James, Lennox Wallace, is calling on residents in the parish to help them destroy mosquito breathing sites.

We have now joined forces with the National Solid Waste Management Authority to travel into these communities to pick up bulk waste, so these breathing sites can be destroyed,” Wallace stated.

There are three communities that we are now targeting to get rid of bulk waste such as, old refrigerators and old tyres. They are North West St James, Central St James and West Central St James,” Wallace further added.

The Chief Public Health Inspector said because of the constant heavy rainfall that we are now having, the team is unable to carry out the job effectively, therefore, they have launched an early morning fogging programme.

This fog programme starts as early as 4:00 a.m., each morning to mid-morning, and this is a way for the fogging team and the vector control workers to work around the rainfall.

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