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St James Amity Hall Murder, Man Found Dead in Blood

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St. James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Amity Hall Murder: the Amity Hall police in the parish of St James are now carrying out investigations surrounding the shooting death of a man in the area on Monday afternoon, May 15.

Dead is Kadine Lawrence, 25 year-old laborer of Guilsboro District.

Reports by Amity Hall police are that, shortly after 6:30 pm on Monday Lawrence was at his home in Gilsboro getting dressed to visit some friends in his district, when unknown assailants invaded the house and shot him  several times.

Family members of the victim alerted the Amity Hall police and upon arrival he was discovered in a pool of blood in his house.

The scene was processed and the victim was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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