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Mount Salem 7-Year-Old Boy Shot in Mount Carey St. James is Improving

Jamaican News – December 27, 2017

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)7-Year-Old Boy Shot: Police report that a seven-year-old boy was shot and injured, and his father was shot dead and in Mount Carey, St. James on Tuesday, Dec. 26.

The dead man is identified as Wayne Miller, 42-year-old, otherwise called “Blacks”,  who resided at Piggot Street in Mount Salem, St James.

Reports are that Miller was killed when gunmen ambushed his vehicle in Top Hill, Mount Carey in the parish.

The father and son were leaving Mount Carey when they were pounced on by gunmen who unloaded bullets onto the motor vehicle.

It is further reported that the man was killed on the spot, the child who was shot in the abdomen and forehead underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday night.

The 7-year-old is currently recovering, according to his mother,  Raquel Wilmott who told the media that he is has begun to speak.

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