St Elizabeth Woman Murdered

St Elizabeth Woman Murdered and Burnt at Home by her Boyfriend

Jamaica News, March 23, 2018 – St Elizabeth Woman Murdered and Burnt

St Elizabeth, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – A St Elizabeth woman was murdered and burnt in her house by her boyfriend who allegedly attempted to commit suicide after carrying out the heinous act.

The victim has been identified as Marsha Lennon of Accompong Town in St Elizabeth.

Police reports are that on Thursday night, they received reports from residents that Lennon’s house was on fire. The police responded with a unit from the fire department and upon arrival, the firemen proceeded to put out blaze.

After the cooling down process, the charred remains of Lennon was found.

McKoy’s News understands that the accused was on the scene with his shirt covered in blood and it is presumed that he had ingested some form of poison to take his own life but was taken away to hospital.

Investigation continues.

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