St Elizabeth: Police Constable Injured in Traffic Accident


St Elizabeth, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Police Constable Injured in Traffic Accident: A police Constable who is attached to the Maggoty Police Station in St Elizabeth was admitted to hospital in stable condition following a freak motor vehicle accident which occurred along a section of the parish on Sunday afternoon.

Reports by the Maggoty Police are that shortly after 4:20 p.m. on Sunday, December 10, 2017, Constable Howard Tenant and another officer responded to a radio report of an accident which occurred along the Rice Peace main road in Maggoty. While on the scene they signaled 34-yr-old Carlton Thompson, driver of a Toyota Corolla motor car to stop. The driver, who was travelling at top speed in the wet slippery conditions of the road, applied the brakes which resulted in the motor car picking up a skid and hitting the police officer from the embankment where he was standing.

Constable Tenant who sustained injuries to his back, hip and feet, was taken to the Black River Hospital where he is admitted and undergoing treatment. Thompson has since been warned for prosecution.

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