St Catherine Woman Killed and Buried in Shallow Grave, Boyfriend in Custody

Jamaica News, March 22, 2018 –  St Catherine Woman Killed

St Thomas, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – A man is now in custody for the murder of his girlfriend, who was reported missing on Monday, March 19, 2018. The accused reportedly confessed to the killing and led the police to her body which was buried in a shallow grave in the sands of Duhaney Pen beach, St. Thomas.

The victim has been identified as 36-year-old Latisha Bravo, otherwise called ‘Keisha’,  storekeeper of Linstead in St Catherine.

The mother of three who operates a clothes stall in Linstead, St. Catherine reportedly met her partner on Facebook where they build their relationship. She traveled back and forth but Sunday, March 18, would be the last time she traveled East from Linstead, St. Catherine.

It is reported that she told her family that she and her boyfriend were having problems before she went to visit him on Sunday. On Monday morning, the couple had a dispute which escalated into a physical confrontation and he strangled her to death.

After the altercation the suspect reportedly put Miss Bravo under his bed where he claims ‘ he did not think she was dead but just unconscious ‘. Her body was left under the suspect’s bed until he returned from work around 7 p.m., where he then drove the body down to the nearby Duhaney Pen beach where he dug a shallow sandy grave for his victim.

McKoy’s News understands that Miss Bravo’s family became increasingly worried at the fact they were unable to contact her, and filed a missing persons report in Linstead, St. Catherine, where they contacted the Morant Bay, St. Thomas police to investigate.

It was later that same night that the police in Morant Bay received the missing persons report and knocked on the suspect’s door, where he reportedly froze before being taken into custody and confessing to the murder. He later took the investigators to the grave.

The body was recovered and is undergoing autopsy.

More to follow.


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