St Catherine Woman Charged following $60,000 Visa Scam

A St Catherine woman who claimed to be a visa agent and took $60,000 from another was warned in court on Tuesday.

Sashauna Linton, 28, of Spanish Town, was charged with  Larceny by trick.

No additional evidence was ordered in the matter when Linton appeared before parish judge Nicole Kellier.

Kellier informed Linton that, despite the fact that she had repaid the money, what she had done was a cruel act.

The complainant was scolded for being naive because there is no embassy in St Catherine and furthermore these entities do not have agents who collect money on their behalf.

According to the court. the woman approached Linton at her office in Spanish Town on April 24. Linton persuaded the complainant that she could obtain an American visa for her, but that she would have to pay $60,000 for her services.

She neglected to secure the document after collecting the money, and pleas to return the money were rejected.

A report was filed to the police, and following an investigation, Linton was charged.


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