St. Catherine South Division Mounts Major Operations To Reassure Residents

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Christopher Phillips and members of his
management team led a major operation aimed at reassuring residents of Old Harbour and its
environs on Thursday, June 9.

The four-hour blitz saw police teams blanketing several communities in the Old Harbour sub-
division between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Vehicular check point operations were conducted along
the Gutters mad Old Harbour Bay main roads and Narine Lane. The team also paused to meet
with the members of the retired teachers association in a community meeting. The group was
addressed by SSP Christopher Phillips and Superintendent Hopton Nicholson—operations officer
for the St. Catherine South Division.

Two persons were arrested; one of them had two outstanding warrants, while the other was
collared for breaches of the Spirit License and Customs acts. Several illegal and uncustomed items
were seized. Among them were: approximately half pound of ganja, just over three litres of illegal
rum, several packs of uncustomed mosquito repelling coils seized and one pack of uncustomed
cigarettes. Thirteen tickets were issued for breaches of the Road Traffic Act.

SSP Phillips encouraged residents to continue to make the bold choice and report information
about guns, gunmen and gang activities by calling Crime Stop at 311, the police 119 number or to
visit the nearest police station.



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