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Robot Taxi Operator Charged with Attempted Murder of Female Police Officer

St Catherine, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Taxi Operator Charged: A robot taxi operator who hails from St Catherine is currently being held at the Spanish Town lockup without bail and has also been slapped with ten criminal charges including attempted murder of a female police officer and assault of the said officer on Wednesday (December 6, 2017) morning.

The accused has been identified as 32-yr-old Dwayne Poiser, robot taxi operator who plies the Tamarind Farm area and hails from Eltham Park in St Catherine.

Reports are that on Tuesday afternoon (December 5, 2017) a team of police officers were carrying out vehicular spot checks along sections of Spanish Town road when they signaled Poiser to stop and switch off his engine. It is further reported that Poiser failed to comply and the female police officer walked over and stretch her hands through the window of the motor car and attempted to switch off the vehicle.

The police further reported that Poiser immediately rolled up the window on the hands of the cop and drove away dragging her along the roadway. The other colleagues of the female officer, on seeing what was taking place gave chase and manage to block the path of the vehicle dragging her. Poiser was immediately taken into custody and charged with ten criminal charges. The wounded female cop sustained injuries to her body. She was taken to hospital where she was treated and admitted in stable condition.

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