St Catherine Police Launch Manhunt for Men Who Murdered Elderly Sisters

Police in St Catherine have launched a manhunt for two men, they believe can help them with their investigation into the death of two elderly sisters, whose partially decomposed bodies were discovered with their throats slashed inside their home, in Spring Village, St Catherine, on Tuesday, November 2.

The deceased have been identified as 69-year-old Christene Lewis, retired teacher and Justice of the Peace, and her elder disabled sister, Lola Lewis.

Reports are that about 9:00 a.m., residents in the community detected a foul odor coming from the directions of the sisters’ home, and went to investigate.

Upon entering the house, the residents stumbled upon the gruesome discovery of both women’s bodies, which were lying in a pool of blood.

The police were called, and upon their arrival, it was discovered that both women had their throats slashed.

The scene was processed and the bodies removed to the morgue for post mortem examination.

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