St. Catherine Parish Court Temporarily Closed

The St. Catherine Parish Court is now announcing that effective, April 16, the court will be closed to the public.

It is scheduled to be reopened on Wednesday, April 22.

The decision follows the lockdown of the parish announced by the Prime Minister on Tuesday to limit further spread of COVID-19.

During the closure, the following will apply:

1. Suspension of reporting conditions until April 22. There will be a suspension of the bail conditions for persons who are to report to police stations in the parish as well as for persons who reside outside of St Catherine and have reporting conditions in the parish.

2. Habeas Corpus and bail applications are to be transferred to the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston where they will be heard.

For further information, members of the public are encouraged to contact the Judiciary’s Emergency COVID-19 Call Centre at 876-926-3750, 876-613-8800 and 876-754-8337 or toll-free at 888-429-5269. You may also visit our websites at  and

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