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St Catherine Men Charged for Raping Mentally Ill Woman

Immigration officer arrested for alleged rape of tourist

Immigration officer arrested for alleged rape of tourist


The St Catherine police have arrested and charged two men for abducting and raping a mentally ill woman on December of last year.

Both accused 20-year-old Ronaldo Johnson, an auto electrician, and 32-year-old Delvin Llewelyn, a Carpenter, both of Tydixon District, have been charged with Having Sexual Intercourse with a mentally ill person, Buggery, Rape, Forcible Abduction, and Grievous Sexual Assault.

Reports are that on Saturday, December 31, the woman who is known to be mentally challenged was at a New Year’s Eve Party in her community when both men allegedly dragged her into bushes and took turns to sexually assault her.

The woman told family members who made a report to the police, and both men were arrested and charged earlier this week.

They are to appear in Court next Tuesday.

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