St Catherine Man Found Dead in Bushes with I-year-old Daughter, After Evading Arrest

A man who fled his home yesterday with his young child following a domestic dispute with his spouse is believed to have committed suicide.

The mother, who is believed to be in her thirties, went to the Police last night to file a complaint against him.

According to authorities, when they arrived on the scene, the father opened fire on them, then fled into nearby bushes with the child.

The police say, the man continued to shoot at them throughout the night, however, they maintained their presence around the area where the man was, but was unable to access the location due to poor visibility.

Early this morning, police made their way into the bushes, where the man’s lifeless body was discovered.

The one-year-old child was found with blood on parts of her body and was taken to the hospital for observation.

The man’s identify is being withheld pending police confirmation.

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