St. Catherine Carpenter Charged

St. Catherine Man Charged with Breaches of the Firearms Act

Forty-one-year-old Dennis Hall otherwise called ‘Indian’, a construction worker of Dumbeholden District in St. Catherine is facing several charges following an incident in Greater Portmore, St. Catherine on Sunday, January 1.

Reports indicate that about 12:40 a.m., Hall’s motorcar was searched by police personnel in his presence and one Glock pistol with a magazine containing fifteen .40 cartridges were found in the glove compartment. He later gave a caution statement to the police as to how he came into possession of the weapon and was subsequently charged on Wednesday, January 4.

Hall was charged with the following offences:
1. Possession of Prohibited Weapon
2. Unauthorised Possession of Ammunition
3. Dealing in Prohibited Weapon
4. Removal of Mark

He is scheduled to appear before the Gun Court on Friday, January 13.

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