St Ann Police Release Name of Security Guard Held with Illegal Gun, and 51 Assorted Rounds of Ammunition

Jamaica Crime News, St Ann: Security Guard Held The police in the parish of St Ann have released the name of a 31-year-old security guard, who was arrested and charged in connection with the seizure of an illegal firearm and 51 assorted rounds of ammunition on Wednesday night, March 13.

The accused has been identified as Christopher Adrian Bennett of Roadside district, also in St Ann.

Reports by the St Ann police are that shortly after 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, a team of officers were on duty operation in sections of Lewis district, St Ann, when they saw Bennett along the roadway.

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On seeing the lawmen approaching, Bennett started to act in a suspicious manner and immediately turned and ran.

He was chased and held by the police and during a search of his person, the lawmen seized a 40 caliber Taurus semi-automatic pistol, along with two magazines containing thirty-two .40 rounds of ammunition, and an additional nineteen 9mm rounds.

He was arrested and subsequently charged, and is booked to appear in court at a later date.

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