Squeechie is a Dancer and Actor

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Squeechie is a Dancer and Actor: Phillip Burrell is best known as Squeechie in the entertainment circles. Hailing from the Long Bay community of St James, Squeechie got his early break from late 1999. He began appearing on many beauty pageant shows as a dancer, dancing mainly to Michael Jackson music and Moon Walking to the beat. His biggest break came at a fashion show at Club Inferno in 2001, where he brought the house down with his attire and dance moves, which had patrons tumbling out of their seats and laughing, bringing them to tears.

Squeechie also performed at Anchovy Dancehall Queen concert in 2003 and again brought the house down, so to speak. His demands for showtimes then skyrocketed and he went all over the Island appearing on all pageants and dancehall shows.

He also danced at a show, held at Moods Club and the Candy Shop in Kingston. He also stars in several of the Jamaican comedy shows alongside Girly, Gully Gal and Maud. He can be seen in the streets, from time to time, doing his dance moves. Despite his being physically challenged, he still finds time to entertain his many fans. A few years ago he was arrested and brought before the court for a kidnapping incident which he denied.


Squeechie shows off a pose in the streets.





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