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Squash Recruits Vybz Kartel For ‘Skillful’ Remix In New Visuals: Watch

Watch Squash’s New Video For ‘Cold Blood’

The 6ix boss himself Squash today released visuals for his remix of Skillful, with incarcerated Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel.  The original song was released just a month ago and racked up over 900,000 views on YouTube.

The video was primarily Squash smoking and walking around in a very green space, driving his Lamborgini, or playing basketball at home. The Lamborgini and the house demonstrates that he has been doing better for himself.

That goes perfectly with the lyrics that say “We ah live a different life, shine bright pon the p—y dem” and “Ghetto yute fi own tings house, car, bike, Benz”

The song also emphasizes that due to his skillfulness with a gun, he is alive.

“Ah true mi skillful mek mi deh yah right now” was said in the prelude as well as the following lines: “31 in the clip ready fi bite dem like a cobra” and “mi seh mi skillful, roll wid every gun and mi mek sure every clip full”.

Skillful involved a common motif in dancehall of having enemies or friends against you even though you’ve helped them along the way. Squash says “Remember all the good and all di tings weh we do fi dem…..di amount a strength weh mi give yuh and dem still wah me fi dead”.

Squash pretty much did the video alone which really emphasized the line “Yea mi do dis by myself and mi nuh need nobody else.”

Kartel started out his verse with a reference to the Bible. He said, ” Ah dem same one choose Barabbas ova Jesus.” Barrabas was a prisoner who was chosen to be released by the crowd and Pontius Pilate. The other prisoner, Jesus, remained and was, of course, executed.

This could be the incarcerated DJ pleading his innocence. The line is immediately followed by: “That’s why mi nuh too trust too much hypocrite and eediat, kill di great man dem, tun dem inna hero”.

The point of the lines seems to be that the innocent is the one being punished or facing retribution, while those who aren’t innocent don’t face the same fate. It does tie in with the hook of the song where Squash believes he is being unfairly treated by people who he has helped who want to harm him.

Kartel spoke about his own retribution from those who have wronged him with the lines: “Mi walk wid mi rifle fi shoot dem”.

Kartel went on to say “Look at how you destroy the yutes dem. No hope or dreams fi tomorrow. Then you want me fi take the blame. Don’t tell me bout no role model. Cya fool me, try somebody else, I’m unstoppable. Dem agguh tired fi see mi face”

Those lines may be aimed at the political parties who oftentimes have blamed dancehall for crime or the breakdown of society while simultaneously not acknowledging their own failures. Kartel has been vocal about his skepticism surrounding politics in his music before and even more so now because of the dubs being used this election season.

Kartel and Squash previously collaborated on Beat Dem Bad, which was released last year.   Watch the Skillful (Remix) below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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