Spice Talks Marriage And Reveals Her Ideal Man In New Show

We all know dancehall artiste Spice is still in the ATL with not a lot going on of late. The Jamaican entertainer has been transitioning into a full time stay-at-home mom, cooking, cleaning and all things motherly for her two kids Nicholatoy and Nicholas in her two-bed apartment in the city.

Not even the COVID-19 pandemic can keep this prolific entrepreneur down for too long however. Spice welcomed a small camera crew inside her home a couple days ago to re-launch her YouTube series ‘Spice Official World’. With only two episodes added on the channel, she is already getting quite a buzz from her fans.

The first new episode dubbed Spice Quarantine in Atlanta which premiered April 20th, got up-close and personal with the Dumpling deejay, finding her in bed to show everyone how she starts her day. She then proceeded to get the kids out of bed and sat with them through a brief online schoolwork session. After, she headed in the kitchen to make her favourite breakfast dish, ackee and saltfish with yam and sweet potatoes.

The second episode entitled Spice Answers Your Questions, followed a few days later on April 23rd, tagged with a brief intro: “Hey guys, you know who it is QUEEN OF DANCEHALL AND LOVE AND HIP HOP ATLANTA. I took the time out to answer some of your questions from my Instagram page. I know its not all of them but hope with these you’ll get to know some more about me.”

Spice with her phone in hand read aloud a narrowed down list of questions to which she provided her most honest answers in what she described as the ‘realest way’.

However the most exciting of the bunch were questions prying into her love life.

Were you ever married?

“Honey, I’ve never been married before” she said, stating not to let her 2013 remake of the single Dun Wife confuse anyone. While she was donning a wedding dress and supposedly getting married in the music video, she has never tied the knot in ‘real’ life.

She did however reveal that she was once engaged to her children’s father, “but it neva werk, it neva reach deh, mi did haffi fling weh di ring girl” she said in her most ghetto-girl sounding voice, tickling humor on the matter.

Describe to me your ideal man.

“Tall attractive, yuh know, has a deep baritone voice, someone that can lift me up, lift me off my feet, you know. I would go for, you know, bald head or locks it doesn’t matter. As long as he has a great personality and know how to take care of me, open my door …treat me like it’s my birthday everyday,” she said.

The Rolling deejay then went off in a frustrated rant, “some man, mek mi tell uno … yeah, dem only know fi treat yuh nice when yuh just a meet dem” … “but after dem get yuh, when you and dem have sex and suh…. All a dat stop!” she said.


Interestingly though, in her previous quarantine episode she revealed that she was perhaps seeing someone. In explaining why she slept with her signature blue hair wig by her bedside, Spice said “mi cya mek di man call mi (video call) and mi answer wid di big bald head, yuh crazy? Yuh mussi mad.”

What is your sexual fantasy?

As much as we all would have loved to hear the answer to this question, Spice sadly dropped her ‘keeping it real’ persona and completely shied away from giving us the scoop on this one.

“I’m not talking about my fantasy, I can’t, I’m embarrassed,” she said nervously laughing and fanning her self after apparently becoming and hot and flustered. This response suggested that not only does she actually have a sexual fantasy but its clearly pretty juicy!

The very entertaining Queen of Dancehall truly knows how to captivate an audience.

The show, though very short and simple was pure laughs and highly entertaining. Check out the second new episode of Spice’s YouTube series Spice Official World below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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