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Spice Takes Knee At Peaceful Protest In Atlanta


‘Queen of Dancehall’ Spice was spotted in a Black Hypocrisy t-shirt along with other peaceful protesters in Atlanta, where she is presently living.

The Sheets artiste is no stranger to social activism and has been especially vocal about police brutality against African Americans and the issue of racism and colourism.

In photos and videos posted on Wednesday showing the artiste out in support of BlackOutTuesday with her signature blue hair, Spice noted that it didn’t matter that she wasn’t American as all black persons need to stand together “Why? BECAUSE I AM A BLACK WOMAN, WITH A BLACK SON AND DAUGHTER” stop criticizing, let’s fight together.”

Spice joined protests in Atlanta over the killer of George Floyd
Many Jamaicans have been criticizing the United States government for its lack of leadership in managing the issues for which the protests are seeking to address which is the killing of African Americans by police officers who face no repercussions. However, another subset is careful to protect their visas and traveling privileges.

Spice however addressed the sensitive topic of visas being taken away because of criticisms directed at the U.S govt. “visa is no use to me if I’m DEAD!! I am currently not in Jamaica and you are so what are you doing? I see the comments but black American or not we all one-word “BLACK”.

In a series of videos Spice can be seen leading the protest shouting “Black lives matters,” and “what to we want? To which protesters returned “justice” and spice continues “when do we want it?” with protesters replying “now”.

The protest was set at a symbolic time- 10 am and will continue on Thursday again at the same time- the hour that George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who along with three others has been charged for his murder.

The murder charges only came about after days of violent protests erupted across the U.S, Paris, and Australia as citizens took to the streets in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic to fight for equality and justice.


Source: Dancehallmag

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