Spice Shares ‘Bedroom Bully’ Playlist To School LHHATL Star Shekinah Anderson

A very comedic exchange between dancehall artiste Spice and her friend Shekinah Anderson from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is stirring laughs over on Twitter today.

The cast mates were discussing ways to spruce up Shekinah’s sex life on an Instagram Live last night.  One fan reposted a clip from the session on Twitter saying, “The funniest sh*t I’ve seen all day @spiceofficial why u don’t leave @ThatShekinah alone, yow sis face expression took me out”.

In response, Spice added a brief playlist via Apple Music of the songs that best describe her bedroom life.  She tweeted “To explain the type of sex I have, I had to put it in song form go enjoy “.

The playlist included several of Spice’s hits including her Romping Shop collab with Vybz Kartel. Also included are tracks from Dexta Daps and Demarco.


During the Instagram Live, Spice told her hairstylist friend, “Bring him under the bed and not on top of the bed, instead of having sex like inside, climb the tree, can you climb the tree and have sex with him or something?”  Completely ignoring both Shekinah and her ‘face’, Spice continued with her schooling, adding that she needs to let her man beat her with a broomstick in the head so that when she runs her body will shake and shiver in excitement.

If that wasn’t enough, the Bedroom Bully deejay also added that instead of having sex in the car perhaps on the seat, Shekinah and her man needs to take things inside the trunk of the car. This she says will set in claustrophobia and make it difficult to have sex, so as to innovate her sex life. Along with another air restricting choking technique, Spice says, “a dem sex deh is what you need to have.”

Regrettably, Shekinah had to retreat from Spice’s Jamaican inspired challenges. She said “Spice, I don’t wanna be beat with no broomstick and I don’t wanna be choked till I cant breath …I’m not getting my big ass in no mothaf–king tree with no nigga and the limb break anyway…”

The funniest shit I’ve seen all day   @spiceofficial why u don’t leave @ThatShekinah alone   yow sis face expression took me out   pic.twitter.com/tCMHPbdPeP

— bread crust   (@hoeleeshitt) April 30, 2020

The two celebs have always had a pretty entertaining and widely hilarious friendship as can be seen on several episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Interestingly, the latest (April 27th) episode caught Spice egging on Shekinah for a fight. The Jamaican entertainer got mad at Shekinah for ghosting a house hunting commitment they had previously arranged.

Spice said every time she tried to contact Anderson about house hunting, she would never answer the phone. Shekinah later revealed that she had no excuse for her behaviour, except to say that she was just busy.

So when the cast and crew went on a ski trip together, things got a little tense. Spice referred to Anderson as a “fake b—h” and Shekinah was simply over the musician’s “stank attitude”. Eventually Shekinah attempted to apologise but Spice was too enraged by then. One thing led to the next and Spice was on her feet shouting “You wanna fight!”

A frightened Anderson quickly took cover with the show’s security and shouted back, “I don’t want to fight, I don’t have no reason to fight you. I’m too old to be fighting and I done had too many plastic surgeries to be fighting. What the f**k is wrong with you I’m 35!”

Clearly the two friends have made up since, as we know these shows were taped weeks prior of airing. Now the Romping Shop musician seems to think she can assist her cast member friend to spruce up things ‘not’ in bedroom but it looks like Shekinah is too old for that too.


Source: Dancehallmag

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