Spice Goes In On Ex-Fiance And Baby Daddy Nicholas Lall For Instagram Post

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Dancehall Queen and LHHATL star Spice was praised by Bounty Killer for her skills as a mom last week, but now her children’s father, Nicholas Lall has insinuated that the singer does not let her kids interact with their other siblings.

Lall, who is her ex-fiance, took to Instagram to make his feelings on the matter known. On a post alongside a photo of two children, Lall said: “You are both my kids, you guys might be different mom but you guys are blood you guys have a bond from day one.”

“No one can come between the bond you guys have just continue to love each other from a distance no child should be stop from showing love to their sibling love is all I teach you guys continue to love, love you both this too shall pass,” he continued.

The lengthy post seems to indicate that Spice somehow has been trying to keep her children from co-mingling with other siblings. Spice and Lall split in 2015 after dating for over a decade following several heated arguments that eventually became public.

Before the split: Spice and Nicholas-Lall

Following their break up Spice was granted custody of the two children.

Since then, the two have often lashed out at each other over various issues. In 2018, Spice accused Lall of being a deadbeat father, after she alleged that he was not able to pay child support.

Lall, who is a musician, has another child, a daughter with his previous partner Samatha Law.

Spice, not known for being shy in expressing her opinions, took to Instagram Live to address the post while dining on seafood. She bemoaned the fact that Lall had not contributed to the family since she’s been quarantined in Atlanta and questioned if he understood how much food it took to keep the family happy during the period.

“Yuh dey ah America now, me nah see yuh. Ah one time you come here, come look for them,” an emotionally stirred up Spice said.

Spice explained that Lall called to talk to their son and then accused her of not giving their son the phone.

also added that she believed Lall should have tried to reach out to her, but she was not surprised he didn’t because “yuh love hype, yuh love clout.”

The LHHATL cast member got more upset as the video continued and accused Lall of trying to sully her name and pleaded with him to leave her alone. “Big man come off me back,” she said.

Spice then explained that her son was not at the apartment when he called and that he has his own phone that Lall could contact him on. The So Mi Like It singer added that her son was not home because she was in the process of moving.

“Lowe mi,” she pleaded in the video, which is Jamaican patios for ‘allow me to live’ or simply ‘leave me alone.’

It’s clear Spice has had about enough of Lall’s attacks.
Source: Dancehallmag
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