Special Investigation Launched into Massive Firearm and Ammunition Seizures in Bogue, St James

Jamaica  Crime News, St James: The police high command have indicated that a special team of investigators will now be assembled, to carry out investigation into the massive firearm seizure which occurred in Bogue District, St James on Friday afternoon, May 4.

One High ranking officer told our news team that, it is very shocking to discover that number of police ballistic vests in the hands of criminals and even the illegal firearms that were seized are similar to the ones that the police use while on duty.

The top cop pointed out that the team of investigators will now be looking into this seizure from all angle.

He pointed out that, it is very important to know if these weapons were being used by men impersonating police officers or they were being used by rogue cops.

He further stated that, a seizure of such magnitude has save many lives across the parish and in any case these men will be flushed out and brought to justice.

On Friday, the lawmen went to a section of Bogue known as Ramble Hill where they seized four M-16 Rifles, four Bullet Proof Vest, Four M-16 Magazines containing over 150 live rounds of ammunition in the early afternoon.

In the late afternoon, the team again discovered four other firearms, two 9-mm semi-automatic pistols , a. 380 pistol and a UZI sub-machine gun .

The firearms were discovered along with five 9mm magazines, other magazines and a number of assorted rounds.

A total of eight illegal firearm , several magazines and over 200 rounds of ammunition has now been seized in the area in just six hours.


By Henry Bucknor

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