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South Syndicate Muzik Inc Unveils “The Smile Riddim”


South Syndicate Muzik Inc has released an impressive new project, simply titled “The Smile Riddim.” The 5 track compilation was officially released on November 7, 2021.

“The EP, though subtle, delivers a lot of morality, motivation, and positivity so I’m hoping it will resonate with an audience that is seeking a drive to push forward in their everyday endeavors,” said producer Malabre, who appears on the EP in “Chance” which features Roache. From inception to completion, the project took about 3 months to complete and also features 1Pablo, Shem Don, Kehaos and Zebidee.

“The track “Chance” reiterates the fact that many youths just need a chance in life; this is something I know that many can attest to, while tracks like “Progress” by Shem Don and  “Blessings” by Kehaos speak to wanting more out of life and going for it. “Life” by 1Pablo and “Revenge” by Zebidee speak to the loss of a loved one which in our current society seems to have become the norm,” the producer elaborated.

With the label being based in Toronto, Canada, a synergy was created to work with some of the Jamaica-based artistes for the first time, which has led to a successful release so far.

“The feedback has been tremendous, lots of support and praise especially because of the message that we have been able to deliver using artistes from a generation of youths that find it so much easier to deliver immorality. Though the messages are deep, the entire project has a ‘buzz’,” the producer stated.

Established in 2019, the label was initially established for Malabre to release his own music, with past singles such as “My Mummy” and “Tears Of Joy.” However, as of 2021, it was decided that some focus would also be placed on other upcoming acts. Recruitment is on for more talent to join the team, as plans are also being made for a camp to be set up in Jamaica as well.

“We are currently working on several other exclusive singles for artistes on the rise such as Uneek #1, Taurus Ink and for myself also, as well as several other riddim compilations in the making. Production takes time when you are searching for gold but the fans can rest assured that we won’t keep them waiting and they won’t be disappointed,” he revealed.

Distributed by Zojak World Wide, The Smile Riddim is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

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