Son Catches Father Making out with his Wife

Jamaica News, Kingston: A 28-year-old sales rep who resides in Kingston,  who caught his father making out with his wife in their matrimonial home on Thursday, January 10, is now receiving treatment at a prominent medical facility in the parish after he suffered a mild stroke.

McKoy’s News journeyed to the upscale community where both father and son reside in separate homes and we were taken to a doctor’s office in Kingston, to speak with the son.

a hope him run weh, a hope him run weh,” were the words that kept on rolling over and over on the lips of the traumatized man.  “anytime mi si him, it nah go pretty “. he further stated, while indicating that his father needs to run away from the community before he returns from the doctor.

When asked what really took place, he looked up at the reporter and stated,  “how u mean sey wha tek place, u nu si seh a dis the man dis mi “.

The man then started as he started out on what sounded like a scene in a popular television soap Oprah.

Mi just left mi wife inna bed at mi house and drove off to work, but after mi reach a Half Way Tree, mi forget mi ID and decided to turn back for it “.

He stated that on reaching his house he heard sounds like a person was in pain,  so thinking that his wife may have had an accident in the house, he rushed inside the bathroom where the sounds were coming from.

The trembling man then stalled for a few minutes to allow a nurse to take his blood pressure.

mi cah believe mi boss, when mi rush inna the bathroom, mi wife naked pon the bathroom cupboard,  and mi father a make out wid har orally,” stated the angry Sales rep.

mi partially faint, when mi si mi wife a bite har lips in such a manner that she don’t do with me when we are having sex“.

He then stated that when his father realise that he was standing over him, he just got up, wipe his mouth, and walked from the bathroom.

He rushed for a knife and launched out at him, but his wife grabbed hold of his arm, while crying for help.

boss mi know seh him have his licensed gun, but mi don’t fraid a him, honest to god seh mi it nah go nice,” he stated.

me and mi wife married fi four years and a feel it in a way that mi just pass out, and next ting mi know is that mi find myself in a doctor office“.

The broken-spirited man related how his father always gives his wife expensive gifts, but he thought it was from his heart, and he never dream that his father and his wife would stoop so low.

When asked what he will do next, he gazed for few minutes, as if in wonderland, and then stated.

after mi leave the doctor’s office, mi go call mi mother a foreign and tell har, and then mi go visiting a marriage counselor, mek them tell mi what to do about my father and my wife“.

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  • Lord just intervene and let this situation put under control. Sit up on them Jesus and bound the devil to shame and render him powerless. Lord is your time intervene and make a difference.

  • The wife should move in with the father. She defiled the matrimonial home. No pride no shame. It seem the husband is hardworking and she’s just stay home and collect the money and gifts from both sides. Husband, smart movie seek marriage counseling. Wow the things some people does!!!

  • Cool it my youth the world is a big one.That woman was not yours from the beginning.Worthless mother suckers

  • Leave her to him…Let him take her go to counselling then file a divorce…She committed adultery with Father in law…

  • Immoral father and wife. Both stoop to low. These are two of the biggest sinners. You did not know who you marry. You must leave this wife because a whore has more class. I feel it for you because the two people people in the world, parent and wife should have shown you respect and love. Take care of yourself.

  • KMDT! Oh grow the hell up! If you listen to her sexual desires and gave her the oral she was craving then she would have been biting her lips for you. Thank God it was your father he kept her in your bed for four years! Yes do go for counseling and learn to eat pum pum like a connoisseur!

    • Lavern u tunnel visioned.subjecively oriented, shallow

  • Your own father has been lusting after your wife and your wife is in agreement with it. You will never trust her again and the relationship with your father forever severed. I think it’s best you get counselling for your sake, not the marriage as there is no coming back for that union. Your wife’s tastes are overly ambitious and her appetites for same will not quench!

  • That’s as in your father should n oh cover your wife nakedness .she just nasty him hood dead let her go ‘ you won’t ever trust her again that why father God let you forget ur I’d he wanted you to find out get ur counseling divorce her move on with you life she was not meant to be.

  • Leave her immediately, and abandon that mother sucker father, I would not want to refer to him as any father. He disrespects, he hated you, he mess you up physically, mentally, and psychology

  • No sah! Lavern yuh no easy at all. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃. Yuh k o seh it cud have ended deadly if him neva get dat stroke??..

  • Let us learn to forgive, the greater the offence, the greater the reward.

    We have all erred and fallen short.

  • We are all human and fall short why tell the man fi leave har there is something called forgiveness a lot of us if walls could talk some of us would want to just fall in the ground. He obviously sounds like he loves her because in all of this he never mention leaving her. We need to stop trying to play God. He is the only one feeling what he is feeling.

  • Big man, my advice to you is to get a divorce and move on or as old people say..don’t drink your soup when it is hot.

  • Hush, it hurts but this is earth. Rebound and come again my youth. You are Man. Beyond ever dark cloud there is a Good lining. Reevaluate what them call Love. Stand Strong

  • Forgive a sketel bitch kick her ass out of your bc house and never speak to the dirty dog farther!!!

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