Solving Crime Through Listening?

Solving Crime: The age of crime is rooted in the misunderstood finding bond etched in the aspects of the unattached. What does that mean to the people who are living safely from their day-to-day paychecks and the falsified security that they call the middle class? A struggling mothers, burdened by work, the excused to bond with their children is the green-light to shun their need to be comforted. This, sometimes coupled with bitterness, conjures an unhealthy environment for madness- some of which is displayed in the brazen actions we call: ‘this movie of life.’

The art of listening has been greatly underestimated in our society and, impart, has been the cure for the misunderstood souls that are broken and left wandering. The art of wholly listening to the hearts of others has not been taught by the governing bodies who rule over the educational system, however, the hints are scattered in our culture, but, never enforced in our lives. Hints such as: “you have two ears and one mouth, listen before you speak, and a quote by Roy T. Bennett states: “Sometimes all a person wants is an empathetic ear; all he or she needs is to talk it out. Just offering a listening ear and an understanding heart for his or her suffering can be a big comfort.” But how does this link to crime?

If I haven’t painted the picture- it’s simple- the root maybe linked to simple parenting and the esteem of the young criminals. The question that can lead your train of thought if you are a parent is: “who is my child’s confidant?” It may be disturbing to know that each human has a confidant, thus, if you’re a parent and you’re unsure, you may be fostering a brittle relationship with your child. Each and every confidant often has the skill of listening- thus, they know the desires of their subjects. This, then, establishes influence- because desires that are shared, are often done so due to trust and respect. The need to be understood is a great need and this ties to gang activities, because, a child that does not gain understanding at home will seek a place to be understood. This may take place in groups. Groups who are often fostered by other ‘misunderstood’ youth, who, then take on the image of someone who seems to understand them- thus, gaining influence over them. Trust your instinct, who are the most influential men in your area? Ask your child- who seems to be the most influential men in their generations’ eyes. Are you troubled by their or your answer?

Take the time to listen without interruption. Listen with delayed answers and ask smart probing questions without aggression. Take a course in active listening and read this article with an open mind. Take away the illusion society cast and learn that strength is in silence.

Chenson Bennett

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