Social media users shun Supreme Court Decision

Following a ruling in the Supreme Court yesterday regarding the wearing of dreadlocks in schools, social media users have sought to express their disapproval.

President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Dr. Peter Phillips tweeted today.” While I have not read the judgement from our Supreme Court, I’m deeply concerned that a young person can be denied schooling because of locks. On the face of it, this is backwards especially in 2020. As a former Rasta myself, this one hit hard. #OneLove.”

Two years ago, Sherine Virgo filed a lawsuit against Kensington Primary School in St. Catherine, after her then five-year-old daughter was denied access because of her dreadlocks. Virgo argued that this was a breach of her daughter’s constitutional rights.

However, the court ruled that it was not a breach. In addition, it was announced that all schools may deny students access who have locks. The ruling that was handed down by Justices Sonia Bertram-Linton, Evan Brown, and Nicole Simmons.

Another Twitter user, Nadine White stated, “When the Ras dem bun a fire on ‘Babylon system’, this is the oppression to which they refer. Rasta is palatable when attracting tourists but not for everyday wear?.”

“Celebrating Emancipation and promoting our rich culture that biats of rasta and ‘one love’ but a child can’t go to school with locks inna big 2020,” Terri-Karelle Reid added.

In the meantime, Virgo is adamant that she will not be cutting her daughter’s locks


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