So-Sik Says Its Time to Have Fun Again

Talent is a major part of any industry. The talent that is harnessed and honed will more likely be the talent that we will sit down one day and enjoy. We need to respect the people who spend countless hours trying to master their craft. Time then becomes the master and along with every other part of their work ethic will prevail.

Well let’s talk about an artist/selector who has the package. One who started from the ground up. One who paid attention to the greats like, Twitch (Bass Odessey), Father Pow Stone Love, and the famous Matterhorn who has managed to dominate both lanes.

We are gonna look at the talent of one such person coming out of Rafaa Records production outfit. His name is So-Sik and he’s been doing this for a solid decade. The name derived from his Sound System which is called So-Sik Movements. He is a Disc Jock that took his hometown sound system and has turned it into a global force. He’s now delving into the artist world and his aim is to make his mark there as well.

Gregory Whilby aka So-Sik is a witty and lyrical artist. He saw a space where he highlighted that over the last few years the music and dancehall industry has been missing the fun aspect. The lyrics aren’t jovial and full of life. He said he wanted to bring back what Professor Nuts and Lt Stitchie did. He wanted Dancehall to be fun again. So after working on a few singles he is now convinced he has something for the people.

He’s presently working on his six-track EP and with songs like “Can’t Escape” which speaks minding your business and assisting who you can. It also speaks on the Jamaican tradition of protecting our families and friends. Then you have tracks like “New Shine” which speaks in his fun lyrical style about the newness of life itself. Being happy for new blessings and all that follows. So after hearing a few tracks we are certain that Rafaa Records will have their lane and mark on this industry.

So just follow the trail of this selector/artist and their squad and team as they get ready to launch their new line of songs, merch, and talents.

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