Snake that stirred curiosity handed over to NEPA

The large Jamaican Boa (Yellow Snake) that was captured on Thursday morning, April 23, along Orange Street, Montego Bay, St James was handed over to the National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA) on Friday at its Western Region outlet, in Westgreen.

The discovery of the snake is still a mystery for Montegonians who gathered to take photos of it. Some are wondering where it originated from to be in the heart of the town, hanging from a utility wire.

The Jamaican Boa is not venomous (not harmful) and is found only in Jamaica.

Jason Myrie, of Montego Bay, was the bravest of the onlookers, as he took down the snake and placed it in a box. On Friday he visited the office of NEPA  and handed over the snake to officers.

Tamara Woodit, Enforcement Coordinator was on hand to accept the snake from Mr. Myrie. He was accompanied by Councillor Richard Vernon who also gave a speech, about the discovery.

Myrie who took down the snake received a thank you letter for his initiative.

The snake will be placed back into its natural habitat at a later date. Under the Wild Life Protection Act, it is illegal to harm or be in possession of snake, Crocodile, Parrot, or Coney. If a person is guilty of any of these offenses they can be fined one hundred thousand dollars, or be imprisoned for up to a year.


Jason Myrie is seen handing over the Jamaican Boa that was found  in Montego Bay on Thursday, April 22

Snake that stirred curiosity handed over to NEPA
Snake that stirred curiosity handed over to NEPA

2-Jason Myrie shows the crowd the snake that he caught in Montego Bay. It is about seven feet long.

Yellow Snake - Mckoy's News
Yellow Snake – Mckoy’s News

Photos  and News  by Alan Lewin


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