Skillibeng Puts One ‘Pon Di Pole’ In New Video

Hot Hot on the heels of his recent releases ‘Vicky C’ and ‘Honda Remix’ featuring TWani, the Eastsyde Records dancehall deejay Skillibeng compliments this hot number, titled ‘Pon Di Pole’ with a video.

Originally released on March 29, 2019 on the mix tape titled Prodigy, the artiste signs off on the visual connotation added to the energetically earthy and sexually explicit lyrics of this fan favorite.

The music video, shot and edited by KD Visuals876 was released on April 08, 2020. The song which is an ode to dancers and sex workers, was engineered by Eastsyde Records.

The Defy The Odds deejay highlights a few of the erotic attributes of the ladies who ply their trade at many of the prominent nightclubs in and around the corporate area, which he lists in the introduction.

“Whe she deh,… pon di pole, pon di pole”. The Brik Pan Brik artiste whose real name is Emwah Warmington lauds the seductive antics of the women whose amorous gyrations cause “earthquake shake”.

The music video, shot on location at one of the listed nightclubs, has the Skillibeng surrounded by a bevy of beauties clad in attire appropriate for such a job. The frail and lanky 50 Bag singer delivers his lyrics while the ladies work their waist lines to the pulses of the rhythm.

Already in the knowledge that “money mek it wet”, the deejay solicits sexual favours from the star of the show when she displays her provocative set “Pon Di Pole”.

He invites her to meet him in Bridgeport when her shift has ended, so that the steamy encounter can end in a fitting climax. Having already invested $4,000 to the cause, Skillibeng is committed to release all the funds in his wallet due to the level of satisfaction attained. Certainly a track for setting the mood, fans will be hard pressed to practice social distancing upon hearing this song.


Source: Danchallmag

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