Skillibeng & Kranium Jump On Remix Of ‘Quarantine Clean’

One single and many features, the already celebrity-packed Quarantine Clean, has now been remixed to include Jamaican dancehall artistes Skillibeng and Karanium. The original teaming for the single featured American rappers Gunna and Young Thug along with record producer and songwriter Turbo.

Quarantine Clean the remix debuted June 8th on YouTube featuring Gunna with dancehall’s dynamic Skillibeng and soul master Kranium or an easy fusion of musical flavors.

Gunna kicks off the intro similar to the original version, with a smooth delivery of quick rapping. Skillibeng then follows with his effortless dishing of rhymes, however quite random.

He talks about quarantining with ‘your’ girl, the Brik Boss (himself) still chopping and counting digits, armed with his fat matic and spliff ‘in a mout’. Then lays down his usual thought-provoking lyrics, “cleaner than the rinse weh wash yuh clothes das why yuh gal so close, full a lyrics more dan weh a riddim can support” and “lyrics stain and nuh breeze (a Jamaican detergent) can get dem out,” he says in a 40-second long verse.

Kranium comes in on the third phase of the song, and as expected croons, some sexy tones, however, may have raised a few eyebrows with a contentious reference. After he talks about being in lock-down, picking up his girl and dropping her like ‘smack-down’, the lovemaking has him asking, “what is this, liking it but mi naa stoop low like Kaepernick.”

While many Jamaicans may understand the phrase to simply mean he won’t be ‘going down’ on the girl (because yardies just don’t do that), the case of Colin Kaepernick was undoubtedly a poor example.

This obviously set-off a few confused fans, one in particular King Dee on YouTube said, “Naah stoop low like Kaepernick? Like really? How is this ok? A civil rights activist who put his career on the line to eradicate racism. To get the oppressors off our backs, and you somehow found it ok to do this. Smh… Wow…”

Still clearly bothered by the reference he again commented “Please tell me that’s not what he said “Naah stoop low like Kaepernick” (Colin Kaepernick)”

However, Akeem Hanniford came the defense of the deejay and said, “Dude the man didn’t mean literally. When the man seh stoop low mean him nah nyam front.”

Other fans either understood the comparison or missed it, throwing down fire icons and celebrating all three artistes for a commendable remix.

Check out the official audio for Quarantine Clean here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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