Bloody Photos: Ski Mask Gang Leader and Two Cronies Fatally Shot in Trelawny

Ski Mask Gang Leader and Two Cronies Fatally Shot in Trelawny
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A heated gun battle between the Trelawny police, and members of the dismantled Ski mask gang, on Monday afternoon, October 22nd, resulted in the fatal shooting of three of the gunmen, which includes the leader and the seizure of two illegal firearms.

The police have indicated that two of the gunmen have been positively identified, while the third still remains unidentified.

They have been identified as, Adrian Walker, otherwise called ‘Lippy” who is the feared leader of the now Ski-mask gang, and Robert Miller, otherwise called ‘ Indian or Pagey “.

Reports by the police are that about 5:30 pm, on Monday, a team of officers was carrying out foot patrol and search duties, in sections Friendship district, in Trelawny.

On reaching an open field surrounded by bushes, they came under gunfire from Walker and his henchmen. The police returned the fire, and a heated gun battle ensued.

During the exchange of gunfire, Walker and the two other gunmen were fatally shot, while two managed to escape in bushes.

A search of the area led to the seizure of a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol, and a Luger 9mm pistol along with several 9mm cartridges.

The police say both Walker and Miller were being sought for shooting with intent, and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, among other crimes.

The scene is now been processed by a team attached to the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM).

We also learned that Walker who was a Lieutenant in the dismantled Ski mask gang recently took refuge in the parish of Trelawny, where he had reformed the Ski mask gang and was wrecking havoc in the parish.

Walker and his gang have been reigning terror in the communities of Friendship, bunkers Hill and Wakefield areas.

The police are now carrying out a wider search of the area for the other gunmen who managed to escape, while also trying to identify the third gunman.

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