Six Takeaways From Sevana’s New EP ‘Be Somebody’

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Earlier this year, we wrote about badass female artists changing the narrative of Jamaica’s music. One of the singers featured in that article, Sevana, dropped her new EP Be Somebody on Friday and gave the world some refreshing and unique new music.

The project features six dynamic songs that display the singer’s sultry vocals and strong musical range.

The vocal powerhouse is known for her songs’ meaningful messages, and this EP indeed continued that characteristic as each song had some powerful words that the listener could walk away with.

I spoke to Sevana back in January, and when I asked her what she hopes to bring to the music world for 2020 and beyond, her response was “go hard and done.”

And she did just that with this project! From the music videos to the song variety, Sevana gave her audience fresh and interesting content to enjoy. The collection certainly conveys a few themes to the listener. Here are a few takeaways.

Sevana’s Soul and R&B Influence is Evident

When I asked Sevana to describe her sound, she expressed, “My sound is every sound but with a Jamaican filter. Like if a modern Anita Baker was Jamaican and was creating music for Jamaica, you know?” We could certainly hear the old school R&B and soul influences with the romantic beats of the first song on the EP and title track “Be Somebody.” This is a kind of sound that we haven’t really heard out of Jamaica before.

On this track, Sevana sings about being in her feelings as she talks about wanting to give her problems away, leveling up, and to be even greater. “I just wanna be somebody…I just wanna be all that I feel. My feelings are real.”

Sevana comes through with a song that almost everybody can relate to. After all, who doesn’t want to level up, glow up and be their very best?

The Theme of Hurtful and Abusive Relationships

On the second track, Phone a Friend Sevana describes what could be a hurtful relationship where she is being deceived. She sings, “I don’t like this, I must be honest. Me haffi run away from you. Go get some help for this ruse. Not inclined to do what you do and if you keep trying to keep up, you’ll lose.”

In Set Me On Fire, the last track on the EP, Sevana painfully sings, “I fell in love with a man. He’s full of terror. Hope he was one I could stand. Glad to know better now. Get me out.” She continues, “He only wanted someone to abuse. Sold me good impressions, called me his muse. Set me on fire.” This song ends in triumph for her, however, as she ends up setting “him on fire.”

I am not sure if this is something that Sevana has personally dealt with, but this is a serious topic that a lot of people—specifically women—can relate to and can appreciate being put in song.

Sevana Really Loves Mangoes LOL

The track Mango comes third on the EP, and just before the end of mango season.

Sevana also dropped an accompanying music video for this track with the release of the EP. The video features beautiful looks, lots of juicy mangoes, and sexy dance moves from Sevana “inna dancehall style” as she whines in front of a fire wearing a bomb gold dress.

She sings, “Me love you like mango. Better you gimme some lovin’. See how far we can go. Imagine it be nice and someting.”

Sevana gushes as she compares her love for her person to her love for mangoes. The mango is one of the favorite fruits of many people in Jamaica. Even Miss Lou wrote a song about Mango Time which really speaks to the cultural significance of the fruit in the island. It’s really cool that Sevana was able to use a metaphor that everybody with working tastebuds can relate to.

Sevana Opens Up About Her Personal Journey

On the track, Blessed Sevana gives the listener some insight into her personal journey. She belts out lyrics about being “blessed” with her journey in life and expressing gratitude for her journey. She attributes her success to her personal relationship with God, and she would have been “ruined” without him.

The EP’s Smooth Reggae beats.

Sevana’s EP features smooth reggae beats with the traditional backbeat of the drums, guitar strings, and other instruments.

The track If You Only Knew features Sevana’s sweet voice professing how far she’d go for the one that she loves. The pulsating guitar and drums can take the listener deep into imagination as we think about the one we love or dream of lovers to come.

Sevana - If You Only Knew (Official Video)Phone A Friend and Set Me On Fire also have interesting yet very different reggae instrumentals. The former track has a more electronic reggae beat played in mid-tempo, while in the latter song we can also hear the R&B elements with the use of piano, but still has strong Reggae characteristics.

We Want More From Sevana and More Often!

One of the things I would love to see from Sevana is more projects being released more often. Her previous EP, self-titled Sevana, came out in July of 2016. The masses of Sevana’s fans don’t want to wait four years in order to get a full-body of amazing work filled with inspiring music.

Sevana as a musical trailblazer, and this EP has marked her as an artist to pree. This project showcases the different layers of the artist. Not only is her voice absolutely amazing, she’s also able to partake in different genres of music while keeping the integrity of her sound and messages.

Whether we’re whining in the mirror to Mango or crying as we listen to Set Me On Fire, there is a song for almost every mood on this track. We love to hear it!

Stream and enjoy Sevana’s Be Somebody EP below.

Source: Dancehallmag

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