Gruesome Discovery - Human Remains on Molynes Road

6 GUNMEN FATALLY SHOT BY POLICE: alleged to be from Ski-Mask Gang

St. James, Jamaica (McN) – Six men who challenged member of the security force in a shoot-out, in Goodwill District, St James on Saturday night were fatally shot and four (4) illegal firearms seized.

Two Police officers were also shot and injured by the gunmen during the exchange of gunfire and were treated at hospital in stable conditions.

Car Stopped by Police Operation

Reports are that, shortly after 9:30 pm on Saturday, Police were on operation in the Goodwill area of St. James, when they signaled a white 110 Toyota Corolla Motor Car to stop.

The vehicle immediately came to a halt and six men armed with handguns jumped from the vehicle and opened fired at the team.

Gun battle with Police and gunmen

A heated gun battle ensued and during the shooting all six gunmen were shot. When the shooting subsided, four (4) illegal firearms were recovered from the men who were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Two of the Police officers on the operation were also shot and injured by the gunmen.

They too were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they are now in stable conditions.

Ski-Mask Gang

Superintendent in charge of St. James, Marlon Nesbeth, told Mckoy’s News that three of the gunmen have been positively identified to members of the Ski-Mask Gang, which has terrorized areas of Goodwill, Barrett Town, Lilliput, Adelphi and Trelawney areas.

The three (3) are identified as Marlon Samuels, Otherwise called Buju, and who was on the St. James mist wanted list. Deno Price, otherwise called Shabba, and the other is Oswin Jarrett, aka Ski-Mask, who is the alledged leader of the Ski-Mask Gang.

Residents Applauded Police

Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth in Charge of St James, addressing residents of the Goodwill community in St James following the fatal shooting of six gunmen in the area on Sunday morning.

The Police officers on the scene were applauded publicly by over one hundred (100) community members at the scene. The residents shouted “Hurray!” as superintendent Nesbeth addressed the crowd.

Superintendent Nesbeth also stated that these men were being sought in connection with more than a dozen gruesome murders, robberies and shooting incidents in St. James over the pass two years.

Henry Bucknor

Special Investigator

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